Mirror acp panel price

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Our History
ALUCOWORLD was established in 2004, with more than 10 years production and exporting history, has become one of the top 10 aluminum composite panel manufacturers in China.
We have three advanced automatic production lines, related with inspection equipments and experienced technicians. Our annual output for ACP is over 5,000,000 square metres.
Alucoworld has built up sales net working almost every city in China, and our products has been sent to more than 80 countries, include Middle East, South-east Asia, South Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America. We have earned more than 600 customers in the world.
Upholding the concept of "Quality is the Life core of an Enterprise". Alucoworld will always offer best quality and best service for you.
Production  Equipment
And  our workshop has also brought in two advanced automatic aluminum composite  panel production lines.Upholding the concept of "Quality is the Life core  of an Enterprise", we use high-quality materials from the USA and Sweden  and apply advanced aluminum-plastic production technology from Japan to  manufacture high-class ACP for interior and exterior finishes.

We  have authorized certificate as:  ISO  certificate, CE certificate, SGS certificate, Exterior wall test report,  Fireproof test report.
ISO 9001 CertificateSGS Certificate
CE CertificateTest Report
Our  Exporting Market

Order  Process
Alucoworld  Good After-Sale Service:
1.  We offer full set of perfect system after-service solution, our after-service  including but not limited below items,Timely delivery and shipment, full set of  clear custom clearance documents, related certificates, and tracking shipment.
2.  If you meet any product issues or questions, please directly contact with us  immediately, We will arrange commissioner, timely follow up within 24 hours,  and feedback. For examples, If you meet quality problems, please kindly do you  utmost offer more details like pictures. Below solutions for your reference:
Solution  A: The problems is small, the same quantity product will be dispatched to you  in new shipment.
Solution  B: The problems is big, return all goods values, meanwhile, we will pay for all  installation charges for the problem ACP.
3.  We regularly in terms of product satisfaction questionnaire, you are warmly  welcome to provide any comments or Suggestions for our product or services, we  will improve it in time, and present a exquisite gift for you to show our  appreciation.
Claim:  Should meet any problems when you use, please feel free to communicate with us,  it is our biggest pleasure to support you in all terms. Any problems you  feedback will be our the ladder of progress. Welcome to buy our products again,  we will continue to provide quality and convenient service for you.
Mirror acp panel price
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