Surgical Towels manufacturers

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Item Name: High Quality Surgical Towels
Main and details Pictures see attachment
Unit Prices: $0.095~3 / pc
Basic Parameter:
is made of 100%cotton plain weaving and bleaching gauze fabric . It is made into surgical consumables through processing of cutting, folding, sewing, sterilization packing and directly application in medical operation.
Material100% cotton Yarn
Accessoriesx-ray detectable, cotton loop or without, prewashed or not
ModelWoven cotton yarn fabric with straight mesh
Yarn type21s,16s,10s
Mesh as per inch28x18,30x20 ,28x24, 30X22,45x30,50x40
Sewing Size:35x35cm,40x40cm,45x45cm,40x70cm,50x90cm,110x70cm
Finished Plies:8ply,12ply,16ply,24ply,32ply
Immersion water Time≤ 10 SECOND
Soluble Solution in Ether≤0.35%
Soluble substances in WaterBelow 0.35%
Dessication LossNot higher than 6%
Sulphidic Ashes≤0.3%
Acidity or AlcalinityNo pink coloration permitted
Fluorescence of 365mmNon Weak violet fluorescence
Tensio-Active Substances≤2mm
Starch & DextrineAbsence
ColorWhite ,blue, green
*any dimensions, width, length, and package can be produced as per requirement
1.Our fabric yarn use high quality Middle-asian cotton yarn, high strength, no neps.
2.we use third generation of large air-jet looms weaving fabric , no oil pollution and foreign fiber pollution, edge is not rough.
3.Sufficient bleaching and dying time, no harmful substances residue.
4.Bleaching with pure hydrogen peroxide and use Biological reactive dyes for coloring.
1.our gauze use high-efficient tube bleaching and dying equipment, one production line can supply high-quality absorbent gauze 450000 pcs one month.
2.our gauze all physical indicators fully comply with BP93, EP ( EN14790: 2003 ), USP standard, also can accept SGS, BV and other third-party organizations of rigorous testing.
3.we guarantee that we produce every piece of gauze to achieve medical quality level, through the hospital clinical repeated verification, high absorption, no toxicity and sensitization reaction to the wound.
Transportation by sea ,air , train, express
1.Q:Can our private logo/ label printed on the packaging?
Mcknight: Yes,  we respect customer’s intellectual property rights and we will do OEM/ODM service upon your legal authorization.
2.Q:How can i get some samples of surgical towel?
Mcknight: We kindly provide free samples but postage will be on buyer’s account.
The postage will be deducted from payment of goods when we begin our order with you.
3.Q:What’s your payment method?
Mcknight: We understand all customers always like good price and also quality goods.
So we have 2 methods for payment : One is at sight 30days LC at high price. Two is T/T (30-50% as deposit ) . We prefer high prepayment for better price.
4.Q: What advise will you give all new coming customers?
Mcknight: Don't covet cheap things and blindly trust big scale company
find a growing company and young boss with high education background.
Total Annual Revenue:US$1Million - US$2Million
Export Percentage:20% - 30%
Main MarketsTotal Revenue (%)
Mid East25%
South Asia20%
North America15%
South America7.00%
Western Europe5%
Eastern Asia2%
Eastern Europe1.5%
Southern Europe1.5%
1.we can delivery surgical towels in time even if large quantity orders,OEM/ODM is permitted.
2.professional import and export team will help customers to complete complex exportation work and short much time.
3.we can send free surgical towel samples to customers to do registration and testing our quality.Surgical Towels manufacturers
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