Paper Guillotine Knife price

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Product Details- Paper cutting knife for Wohlenberg cutter
MaterialW18 inlay, inlay width: 65-70mm
Edge angle21°
ToleranceLength: +/-1mm Width: +/-1mm, Thickness: 0, -0.1mm
Lead Time1-2 months
ApplicationUsed in paper cutters for paper cutting
OptionsSharp edge/ Semi-finished edge/ Blank knife
Other Wohlenberg knife dimensions:
Machine ModelsLengthWidthThickness
Wohlenberg 115138012512
Wohlenberg 137159512512
Wohlenberg 150172014014
Packaging photos of Paper cutting knife for Wohlenberg cutter
A. Blank/Semi-finished knife: oil paper+ plastic strip+ bubble wrap filling+ wooden case.
B. Sharp edge knife: oil paper+ plastic strip+ dam board+ wooden case.
Production process of Paper cutting knife for Wohlenberg cutter
Ensured quality of raw material, since they are purchased from big steel factory.
Over 15 years' experience in heat treatment to achieve required hardness and better performance.
Strong and stable packaging to avoid knives from damage during transportation.
Strict QC system, to make sure that customers will receive qualified knives.
Fast response.
How can you benefit from our Paper cutting knife for Wohlenberg cutter?
Fine material ensures the quality of knife. Service time is long. Don't need to sharp the edge frequently.
No burrs on the surface to avoid from hurting during installation.
Clean cut by using our paper cutting knife.
1. What kind of knives can you provide?
--Our knives for various industries, for wood, paper, ice resurfacing, metal, plastic, rubber and etc.
2. Payment Terms: 100% TT in advance, or 50%TT in advance and balance before shipping.
3. Where do you sell the knives to?
--Countries from A to Z.
4. What to do if we don't know the knife material?
--You could tell us the application of the knife, and we will recommend suitable material to you by our experience
5. How can you control quality?
--First, we will purchase quality material, second, there will be process inspection, and before delivery, at least 20% knives will be checked.
6. When can we get the knives?
--After we received the payment, the signed sales confirmation and drawing, we will start to prepare the order, and it will take around 30-50 days to finish the order due to the quantity and difficulties.Paper Guillotine Knife price
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